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odysseus-t.jpg Odysseus : 831614018804 Price: $124.99
While many heroes owe their fame to their divine parentage, Odysseus was not the son of a god. He earned his place in legend both for his valor and his intelligence. On an epic sea voyage, Odysseus and his men were captured by Polyphemus the Cyclops - a gigantic one-eyed monster. The Cyclops trapped the men in a cave, barricading the door with a heavy boulder and eating two of them a day. Unfortunately for the Cyclops, Odysseus was the most wily of all the Greek kings and he devised a cunning escape plan. He sharpened a long stake and then offered the Cyclops some strong wine. Never having tasted wine, the Cyclops became drunk and fell asleep, so Odysseus was able to blind him with the stake. In the morning the blind Cyclops rolled the boulder away from the cave entrance to let out his flock, feeling the back of each goat as it passed to ensure that no man escaped. But Odysseus and his crew got away by clinging to the bellies of the goats, leaving the Cyclops smarting from his defeat. 6" tall.