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Green Goblin (Sandman Series)

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greengoblin-sandman-t.jpg Green Goblin (Sandman Series) : 653569258285 Price: $99.99
Norman Osborn loves his work. It just so happens that a lot of his work lately has involved stealing things and mass destruction. He's always looked down on people, but now that he's the Green Goblin, he realizes how small all those people really are. Now, with his enhanced intelligence and strength he's a giant in a world of tiny, mediocre people. The only other man he's met who's at all worthy of his respect is Spider-Man. He'll make the web-slinger see the error of his ways. And if he can't, well, there's more than one way to squish a spider.

Includes the right leg of Sandman.

Please note that packaging has been carefully opened, but figure and contents are in mint condition.