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Sasquatch and Vindicator (Alpha Flight)

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Sasquatch and Vindicator (Alpha Flight) : 035112497615 Price: $29.99
Dr. Walter Langkowski was content with his quiet, fairly normal life as a college physics professor. That was before his insatiable curiosity regarding the effects of gamma radiation upon the human body led him to accidentally transform himself into the might Sasquatch! Standing at nearly ten feet tall, covered with orange fur and able ti lift nearly 70 tons, Sasquatch is a physical powerhouse of superhuman strength. Led by electromagnetically charged Vindicator, Sasquatch serves Canada as a member of it foremost group of super heroes: Alpha Flight. Together, Alpha Flight fights to protect Canada and the world from the forces of evil.

6" Sasquatch and 5" Vindicator include an exclusive motion collectors card.