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Elrond of Rivendell (Trilogy)

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elrondofrivendell(t).jpg Elrond of Rivendell (Trilogy) : 035112814368 Price: $44.99
"A wise Elf Lord, Elrond is the father of Arwen, and founder and master of the Elf-haven Rivendell. In the Third Age of Middle-earth Elrond is an instrumental leader, rallying the diverse peoples of the lands together to fight the threat of Sauron. A close friend of Gandalf, Elrond is counted among the wisest of living beings. He is stern and direct in his authority, and yet a loving and compassionate father. When his daughter Arwen chooses to forsake her immortality and bind herself instead to the Human Aragorn, Elrond's heart is torn between honoring the love of his daughter and losing her to a mortal death. 6"" tall."