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10" Repulsor Strike Iron Man Mark VII (Avengers) - Reviews

10" Repulsor Strike Iron Man Mark VII (Avengers)

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10inchrepulsorstrikeironmanmarkvii-t.jpg 10" Repulsor Strike Iron Man Mark VII (Avengers) : 653569706274 Price: $36.99
The mighty IRON MAN Mark VII is the single most powerful piece of combat hardware ever constructed. The armor is tough enough to withstand a nuclear blast, and the weaponry is equal to the most advanced battleships available. Unstoppable and invincible, the IRON MAN Mark VII is the armor that makes IRON MAN one of the heavy hitters on the AVENGERS.

Recruit IRON MAN to your super team! He's the ultimate high-tech hero, with a suit of awesome armor built for every conceivable situation. IRON MAN is the first of a new generation of high-flying heroes, ready to take on any evil to save the world. Now you can enlist the Armored Avenger into your own super team. Featuring shooting missiles and real movie sounds, this IRON MAN toy is the ultimate addition to any collection of heroes. Pretend to take command of the AVENGERS, and charge into battle alongside IRON MAN!

IRON MAN battles the bad guys! This big figure brings electronic heroism to your world. IRON MAN is ready to join your team of super heroes and battle the bad guys to save the Earth. You can imagine that you're in command of the AVENGERS, with IRON MAN taking point on dangerous missions in defense of freedom everywhere. With cool combat sounds and real IRON MAN phrases, plus launchers that pop up for a double missile blast, he's the most awesome armored hero in the world!

Electronic sounds, phrases, and awesome launching missiles! A single press of a button activates cool battle sounds and awesome IRON MAN phrases. And when you lift the figure's arm, two missile launchers deploy over the shoulders, for a mighty double missile blast! Get ready for an amazing adventure with IRON MAN!

Electronic IRON MAN figure and 2 missiles.

Combat sounds!
Battle phrases
Lift arms to deploy missile launchers!
2 launching missiles!