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Stealth Strike Mark IV Iron Man (Legends Series)

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stealthstrikemarkivironman-t.jpg Stealth Strike Mark IV Iron Man (Legends Series) : 653569605867 Price: $38.99
The IRON MAN Stealth Strike Mark IV is the perfect combination of stealth and firepower. Designed with active camouflage that lets it blend into almost any background, and equipped with the latest in Stark heavy weapons technology, it is the perfect armor suit for striking from the shadows and then disappearing before the enemy can respond. The STEALTH STRIKE MARK IV IRON MAN is just what you need to give your side every advantage in the battles to come! The Mark IV isn't just as tough as they come - his "camouflage" will let him work in close to your enemies before he launches his repulsor blast at point-blank range. His interchangeable hands put you in charge of how he can fight! Figure is 6" scale and comes with blaster, missile and 4 replacement hands.