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9" Guardian of Gotham City (blue) - Reviews

9" Guardian of Gotham City (blue)

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9inchguardianofgothamcity(t).jpg 9" Guardian of Gotham City (blue) Price: $54.99
By day, he is Bruce Wayne, jovial playboy and wealthy socialite, content to let others tend to his business while he lives the luxurious life of the idle rich. But when the night falls, Bruce Wayne drops this charade in exchange for the mask of his true inner self - the mask of the Dark Knight Detective, Batman. As the urban legend of Gotham City, Batman instills fear in criminals and gives a message of hope to the city's downtrodden: that justice is not just for the privileged few, and that someone does indeed defend the night. Includes socialite Bruce Wayne's tuxedo and Batman's signature crimefighting suit.