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Gimli in Coronation attire (Trilogy)

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gimliincoronationattire(t).jpg Gimli in Coronation attire (Trilogy) : 035112813590 Price: $44.99
"Stubbornness and steadfastness are two qualities for which Dwarves are known, and of these attributes, Gimli, Son of Loin, is a proud example. Next to his true heart it is these qualities that binds Gimli unshakably to companions Legolas and Aragorn through countless perils and adventures. From Rivendell to Minas Tirith, Gimli stands by his uncommon friends with axe in hand. So it is that at the end of the journey he stands by them still, in the Court of Kings upon the top of the White City, to celebrate the fulfillment of the quest and the Coronation of King Elessar, his friend.

4"" tall."