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Abin Sur and Green Lantern (DC Universe)

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abinsurandgreenlantern-dcu-t.jpg Abin Sur and Green Lantern (DC Universe) Price: $64.99
"Abin Sur:
While on patrol, Abin Sur was attacked and pursued by the being known as Legion. Badly injured and with his spaceship seriously damaged, he made an emergency landing on Earth and began using his power ring to search for a successor to wield the ring after he passed on. As Hal Jordan was the closest suitable replacement, he was chosen as Abin Sur's successor.

Green Lantern:
While training in a flight simulator, test pilot Hal ""Highball"" Jordan was suddenly transported to the crash site of an alien spacecraft. Recognizing Jordan as a man without fear, the injured alien passed to Jordan his green power ring and energy battery or ""Lantern"" which charged the ring. Jordan has since used the Ring's fantastic powers for good, distinguishing himself as one of the finest members of the elite Intergalactic Police force known as the Green Lantern Corps."