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The Coronation Gift Pack

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thecoronationgiftpack(t).jpg The Coronation Gift Pack : 035112814245 Price: $84.99
With the quest fulfilled and the Dark Tower of Barad-dur destroyed, the reign of Sauron is at an end. Throughout Middle-earth the voices and hands of free peoples are raised high together in songs of celebration and triumph. And nowhere is this celebration more joyful than at the White City of Minas Tirith, which but for the return of her King, would have been destroyed by Sauron's hordes. Here king Elessar receives his crown and his bride, the Elf Lady Arwen, ushering in a new age of peace and freedom for all kindreds. Includes exclusive Faramir (Prince of Ithilien), exclusive Lady Eowyn, Aragorn (King of Gondor), Arwen and Eomer (King of Riddermark). 6" scale.