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Repulsor Battling Iron Man (Avengers, Mighty Battlers) - Reviews

Repulsor Battling Iron Man (Avengers, Mighty Battlers)

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repulsorbattlingironman-t.jpg Repulsor Battling Iron Man (Avengers, Mighty Battlers) : 653569699613 Price: $27.99
IRON MAN uses his mighty repulsors to blast evil! Take your IRON MAN adventures to a whole new level with the Repulsor Battling IRON MAN figure! He battles evil with his mighty repulsors, and you can activate his blasting repulsor attack by squeezing his legs! Will any enemy be able to stand against your Repulsor Battling IRON MAN figure? It's all up to you! He stands 6 inches tall and he'll be awesome whether he's fighting on the side of good or standing in your collection!