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Wendigo (Incredible Hulk Outcasts)

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wendigo-t.jpg Wendigo (Incredible Hulk Outcasts) : 035112431831 Price: $39.99
Creatures from the desert were caught in the Gamma blast with Bruce Banner that transformed him into the powerful Incredible Hulk, causing once normal critters to become mutated themselves into strange looking beasts.

Transformed by an ancient tribal curse, a normal human became the legendary Wendigo! Able to remmeber only pieces of his original life as a man, the Wendigo is driven by an instinctual desire to protect his forest from intruders, and that includes the Hulk! A mysterious creature whose name is spoken in hushed whispers, the true nature of the Wendigo remains unknown. But one thing is certain: possessing strength and invulverability on par with that of the Hulk, the Wendigo is a force of nature to be reckoned with. Includes venomous snap-attack rattlesnake.