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Yoda (orange card)

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Yoda (orange card) : 076281695860 Price: $24.99
When Yoda was over 900 years old, and walking with the aid of a gimer stick, he met a student of Kenobi's. Yoda knew that the young Luke Skywalker was one of the last hopes of the Jedi, so he began to train the brash youth in the ways of the light side of the Force. Yoda knew the dark secrets that lay hidden in Luke's past, and that the boy might turn to the dark side if not properly trained. When Luke called his training short to rescue his friends on Bespin, Yoda knew that the boy was rushing to face an uncertain future. Luke later returned to Dagobah to complete his training, but Yoda's time in the physical realm was at an end. The Jedi Master's last student proved adept at his lessons though, and used his training to help bring down the evil Empire. After the Alliance's victory, Yoda appeared once more to Luke. Yoda had become one with the Force, while Luke was now and forever, a Jedi. 3.75" scale.