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Grapple Blast Black Widow (14)

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grappleblastblackwidow-t.jpg Grapple Blast Black Widow (14) : 653569711926 Price: $29.99
As a master martial artist, espionage specialist and top-ranked spy, BLACK WIDOW has always avoided the spotlight. So to find herself as a part of the world's first team of Super Heroes feels strange. She is proud of her place on the team, and confident in her abilities, but whether she can stand to work alongside an egotistical billionaire and a bellowing giant remains to be seen. This is BLACK WIDOW like you've never seen her before! This Grapple Blast BLACK WIDOW figure looks just like the dark heroine, but her grapple launcher gives her the ability to infiltrate the most fortified strongholds. She's ready for stealth missions or combat, and your Grapple Blast BLACK WIDOW figure will take your battles to the next level! 4" tall figure comes with weapon accessories.