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Commando (Code Name: Snake Eyes, with Timber) - Reviews

Commando (Code Name: Snake Eyes, with Timber)

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commando-snakeeys-t.jpg Commando (Code Name: Snake Eyes, with Timber) Price: $64.99
Serving in the Long Range Recon Patrols in Southeast Asia, SNAKE EYES left the service to study mystic martial arts with the same Ninja family that produced STORM SHADOW. SNAKE EYES was living an ascetic existence alone in the High Sierras with a pet wolf named Timber when he was recruited for the GI JOE team.

Celebrate 25 years of the ultimate action team with this articulated commando action figure! Display your action figure on the included display base! SNAKE EYES figure comes with a wolf figure and is decorated in commando gear and his signature weaponry. This is one cool anniversary figure for your collection!