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TV Activated Batmobile (The Batman)

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tvactivatedbatmobile(t).jpg TV Activated Batmobile (The Batman) Price: $94.99
Receives hidden signals from The Batman Animated TV show. Watch the show (get secret messages from Batman, TV Activated Batmobile reacts with lights and sounds). Receive the signals (check for villains and weapons, special "capture" items in each episode, the more you watch, the more you'll get). Your adventure begins (use your collected items to go on TV Activated Batmobile missions, practice the skills you'll need to win: hand to hand combat, target practice and car chases, catch the bad guys and save the day). Motorized TV Activated transformation (watch as the TV Activated Batmobile springs into action). For use with most 5.25" Batman figures. Batmobile requires 3 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included). Batwave Communicator includes 3 "AAA" batteries. Please note: VEIL technology is only effective when used with cathode ray tube television monitors and with NTSC Standards comliant TV broadcasts. Will not work with plasma and rear-projection televisions.