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Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp (Battle For Autobot City) - Reviews

Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp (Battle For Autobot City)

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ultramagnusvsskywarp-bfac-t.jpg Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp (Battle For Autobot City) Price: $254.99
As commander of AUTOBOT City on Earth, ULTRA MAGNUS commands the most powerful forces ever assembled, of which he is among the greatest. He was given the honor of the City Command by OPTIMUS PRIME because of his superior intelligence, and incredible might as a warrior. Since taking command he has defended the city against dozens of attacks by DECEPTICONS led by the crafty SKYWARP. For his part, SKYWARP is determined to breach the city’s defenses and destroy ULTRA MAGNUS in order to prove himself to MEGATRON.

Get ready to battle AUTOBOT vs. DECEPTTICON with these two highly detailed robot-to-vehicle figures. ULTRA MAGNUS figure changes from a truck to a menacing robot figure featuring a smokestack that becomes a laser cannon and a wind vane that becomes a blaster! SYWARP figure changes from a supersonic jet to a fierce robot warrior featuring twin missile launchers with firing projectiles!

Includes ULTRA MAGNUS and SKYWARP figures.