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Taskmaster (Marvel Legends)

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thetaskmaster(ml)t.jpg Taskmaster (Marvel Legends) : 086892711606 Price: $64.99
With the power to perfectly duplicate any fighting style he observes, the Taskmaster is an expert in countless forms of combat. Besides working as a hired gun himself, he trains henchmen for other criminals - teaching them how to counter the super heroes he has studied. His proteges have included the so-called Evil Versions: Bloodspider, Deathshield and Jagged Bow. The Taskmaster has faced Spider-Man on a number of occasions, often battling the web-slinger and his fellow heroes together. In exchange for a commuted sentence, the government used the Taskmaster to train John Walker to replace Captain America. Despite brief incarcerations, he remains at large. 6" tall figure features 34 points of articulation and includes a 32 page comic book, character-dedicated vehicle and an exclusive Marvel vs. System trading card.