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Dark Raider (repaint)

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darkraider(repaint)t.jpg Dark Raider (repaint) Price: $49.99
Also known as Yorn Rider, this impish fighter is key in the Jorvak Skullsplitter/Loki plot to kill the heroic Erik Bloodaxe. Dark Raider's lowering of his sword in defeat to Bloodaxe on the battlefield would be Skullsplitter's cue to murder the beloved warrior. Dark Raider fought an intense battle with Bloodaxe on the Day of Legend, before lowering his weapon in surrender, triggering Skullsplitter's attack. After the treachery, an enraged Bluetooth lopped off Dark Raider's head with his sword. Dark Raider, though, with the powers of darkness overtaking him, did not fall. Instead a new head - one with the skull of a beast - grew in the old one's place.

6" tall.