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Rhino (Classics with Foil Custom Mini Poster)

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rhino-classics-foil-t.jpg Rhino (Classics with Foil Custom Mini Poster) : 035112470946 Price: $59.99
The man known only as the Rhino was once a small-time muscle man who worked miscellaneous jobs for professional criminals. He was chosen by foreign spies for a top-secret experiment in which he was given superhuman strength and an artificial, bulletproof hide. Soon thereafter, he turned on his masters seeking to carve out a criminal career for himself. Taking the code-name, the Rhino, the unstoppable mass of thundering fury began stomping through the world taking whatever he wants. Only the spectacular Spider-Man has been able to stand in his way. Luckily for our webbed hero, the Rhino doesn't have the brains to match his enormous brawn and is easily outwitted.

6" scale figure features 13 points of articulation and includes a display stand and a bonus custom mini foil poster.