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Samurai Snake Eyes (Commando)

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samuraisnakeeyes-commando-t.jpg Samurai Snake Eyes (Commando) : 653569237303 Price: $84.99
SNAKE EYES prepares to battle the DARK NINJA MASTER, a ronin (rogue) ninja who can channel the powers of dead warriors and has emerged from exile to destroy all ninjas. SNAKE EYES wears customized, hi-tech armor crafted in the tradition of the greatest samurai of the past. His weapons are powerful, but even with them he cannot defeat the DARK NINJA MASTER alone. He must go into battle beside his adversary, STORM SHADOW, for only when these two warriors join forces can they defeat this evil ninja that possesses superhuman skill.

Add this ninja commando action figure to your collection! Launch an enemy-stunning disk from his Tiger Beetle shield or swing the serpent attack “chain” from his KUNG-FU GRIP hands! This detailed action figure comes with weapons and accessories.