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Cobra Red Ninja (Code Name: The Enemy)

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cobraredninjacodenametheenemy-t.jpg Cobra Red Ninja (Code Name: The Enemy) : 653569274674 Price: $29.99
Red Ninjas are ruthless mercenaries who work mainly for COBRA COMMANDER. They earn top dollar in battle because they are one of the most feared ninja warrior clans of all time. When Red Ninjas enter a fight, they're in it until the bitter end (or until they get paid more money to fight someone else). GI JOE is the only force that has ever defeated them, but they had to call upon every tactic and weapon in their arsenal before they were able to subdue them. Red Ninjas possess advanced ninjitsu skills that are hard to find, and they fight like razor-toothed sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Celebrate 25 years of the ultimate action team with this articulated red ninja action figure! Display your action figure on the included display base! Decorated in ninja gear and his signature ninja weaponry, this is one cool anniversary figure for your collection.

Articulated enemy action figure celebrates 25 years of the ultimate action team and comes with a weapon and a display base.