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Iron Man 2 Proving Ground 3-Pack (Kmart Exclusive) - Reviews

Iron Man 2 Proving Ground 3-Pack (Kmart Exclusive)

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provingground3pack-t.jpg Iron Man 2 Proving Ground 3-Pack (Kmart Exclusive) : 653569521327 Price: $94.99
Deep in the vault that contains all of Tony Stark's untested prototypes, powerful armor suits await the day they'll be needed. There are the original 3-D design elements of the mighty Mark VI armor, as well as his own version of War Machine, a suit designed for wholesale destruction of enemy targets. Lastly, there is the Hulkbuster suit, an imposing armor suit built in case Iron man ever needs to take on the strongest creature there is.

Includes Iron Man Mark VI Holographic, Iron Man Hulkbuster and Recon War Machine.

Figures measure between 4"-5" tall.