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Spy Wolverine vs. Omega Red (Steel Mutants) - Reviews

Spy Wolverine vs. Omega Red (Steel Mutants)

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spywolverinevsomegared-sm-t.jpg Spy Wolverine vs. Omega Red (Steel Mutants) : 035112492085 Price: $24.99
It’s frightening to see the depths of hatred that Omega Red has for Wolverine. It’s also understandable – it was a past covert operation involving Wolverine which led to Omega Red falling into a comatose state for the last few decades. Only recently has he recovered. Still, Omega Red’s thirst for vengeance can never justify the atrocities he commits in his quest to kill Wolverine. And although Wolverine’s healing powers apparently can counter Omega Red’s “death aura”, it’s uncertain how long it would protect him should the two adversaries fight at length.

Die cast metal, highly detailed, poseable figures.

Includes special collector’s stand!