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Conan vs. Wrarrl

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conanvswrarrl-t.jpg Conan vs. Wrarrl : 883199960030 Price: $64.99
"From his birth on a war-torn battlefield to his brutal usurpation of the throne of the Hyborian Age's most glorious kingdom, Conan has made a legend of his name as the iron-willed ravager from Cimmeria. Through his daring conquests and extraordinary adventures, it is not often Conan meets a foe that can match his strength and wit for long! But, there is one - Wrarrl the Devourer - that has proven time and again to be a threat not only to Conan, but to all he holds dear. For it is Wrarrl that possesses the horrifying ability to turn any living thing into a slug-like representation of its soul...and then devour it for power!

Conan features 31 points of articulation. Wrarrl features 29 points of articulation. Each are 6"" tall."