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The Hulk vs. The Leader (Marvel Legends)

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thehulkvstheleader-ml-t.jpg The Hulk vs. The Leader (Marvel Legends) : 035112713371 Price: $84.99
Never has Gamma radiation changed two people so drastically...or so differently! Caught in its blast, one man was imbued with brawn while another was given increased brain capacity. But it is the misunderstood hero - the monstrous Hulk - who must match his strength against the super-intelligence of the villainous Leader and his intricate plots. Never before has such a green-skinned grudge grown to such gigantic proportions, and as each of the Leader's plans are foiled, the world will never know the debt they owe to the jade giant known as the Hulk! Includes a 32 page comic book, Marvel vs. System trading card, diorama backdrop & display base.