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Master of Disguise (Code Name: Zartan)

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masterofdisguisecodenamezartan-t.jpg Master of Disguise (Code Name: Zartan) : 653569274643 Price: $29.99
ZARTAN can alter his skin color at will to blend in with his environment. He is also a master of make-up and disguise, a ventriloquist, a linguist (over 20 languages and dialects), an acrobatic-contortionist and a practitioner of several mystic martial arts. Very little is known of his background and origins, but most security agencies agree that he must have had European military academy training (probably St. Cyr).

Celebrate 25 years of the ultimate action team with this articulated enemy forces action figure! Display your action figure on the included display base! Decorated in COBRA garb, this ZARTAN figure comes complete with a second disguise making it one cool anniversary figure for your collection.