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Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series I) - Reviews

Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series I)

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jla5pack-seriesI-t.jpg Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series I) Price: $49.99

Superman Blue
As one half of Cark Kent's alter ego, Superman Blue is slow to anger, patient, courteous and serious in nature. He shares the powers and strategic thinking of Superman Red, but their different attitudes tend to get in each other's way.

Green Lantern
One of the youngest members of the JLA team, Kyle Rayner inherited a ring, which is considered to be the most powerful weapon in the universe. The ring is capable of generating solid light in the form of anything Kyle imagines.

The Huntress with bow and arrow
In a quest for vengeance against the death of her family, Helena Bertinelli, a Gotham City high school teacher, became The Huntress. With her arsenal of weapons, she preys upon Gotham City criminals.

Hologram Batman and Hologram The Flash
Embroiled in their greatest battle ever, the legendary JLA confronts its own holographic counterparts in a fight to save Star City from mass destruction. Identically matched in power and ability to the originals, the evil holograms were engineered by the infamous Injustice Gang - a group of such sinister masterminds as The Joker, Lex Luthor, Circe, Mirror Master, Dr. Light and Ocean Master.

Each includes their own display stand.