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Guardsman (29)

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guardsman-29-t.jpg Guardsman (29) Price: $24.99
"Wearing a suit built for him by Tony Stark, Kevin O’Brien became Guardsman, an armored powerhouse nearly as strong as Iron Man himself. Unfortunately, an overlooked bug in the cybernetic interface software drove O’Brien insane with jealousy. His out-of-control emotions made him a dangerous new enemy for Iron Man.

Prepare to take over the world, with a will of steel and a suit of “iron”! Throw your Guardsman figure right into the middle of the action — this villain has enough power to defeat almost any opponent. But when he’s up against his ultimate enemy, the tables could turn at any moment! Make this fighter unleash his snap-on repulsor blast accessory to give the battle his all. Only you can decide who’ll win in a true battle of “metal-on-metal”!

Figure comes with snap-on repulsor blast accessory, 3 Armor Cards and a display stand."