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Optimus Prime (Commemorative Series I, UK box) - Reviews

Optimus Prime (Commemorative Series I, UK box)

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optimusprime(uk)t.jpg Optimus Prime (Commemorative Series I, UK box) Price: $199.99
Optimus Prime is the strong, wise and compassionate leader of the Autobots. Dedicated to protecting all life, he fights unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons. Firmly believes in the ultimate righteousness of his mission, so he will willingly sacrifice himself to save the lives of others. Carries a blaster rifle as well as the Autbot Matrix of Leadership, an honor bestowed millions of years before his joruney to Earth. A seasoned veteran and scholar, Optimus Prime is respected throughout the universe as a champion of peace. Includes Optimus Prime truck cab, semi-trailer, 6-wheeled vehicle, 2 fists, laser blaster, pistol, 4 rockets, gas pump handle with hose, and instruction sheet. This is the same figure as the US version, only in a tri-lingual box.