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12" Luke Skywalker (100th)

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12inchlukeskywalker(100th)t.jpg 12" Luke Skywalker (100th) Price: $69.99
Capture a piece of Star Wars history...the ultimate commemorative figure for Star Wars enthusiasts throughout the galaxy! Hasbro's 100th 12" Action Collection Star Wars figure traces the evolution of Luke Skywalker from his humble beginings as a farm boy on Tatooine to his daring adventures as a heroic X-wing pilot and Jedi apprentice. With authentically styled Tatooine clothing and X-wing flight suit, this landmark figure and accessory set adds to the lore and nostalgia of Star Wars: A New Hope, where it all began in a galaxy far, far away...Includes checklist of all 100 figures, fully poseable 12" action figure, 2 authentically styled outfits and accessories!