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Janek Sunber & Amanin (Comic Packs, #16) - Reviews

Janek Sunber & Amanin (Comic Packs, #16)

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janeksunberandamanin-t.jpg Janek Sunber & Amanin (Comic Packs, #16) : 653569384250 Price: $44.99
Lieutenant Janek Sunber faces jealous Imperial officers and fierce Amanin aliens on the jungle world of Maridun. Determined to make something of himself, Sunber joins the infantry, where his tactical skills draw everyone's notice. His commander rewards him with promotions and the Amanin honor his courage, but others respond with resentment and betrayal. There's no shortage of battles, bloodshed and bravery as everyone fights "To the Last Man."

Includes Star Wars Empire comic #16. 3.75" scale.