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Yoda (The Saga Collection, #019) - Reviews

Yoda (The Saga Collection, #019)

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yoda(tsc019)t.jpg Yoda (The Saga Collection, #019) Price: $24.99
Jedi Master Yoda swoops down on the Geonosis execution arena aboard a Republic gunship flown by clone pilots. He arrives just in time as a horde of battle droids surrounds the Jedi Knights. The clone army repels the droids and a full-scale battle breaks out. Amid the chaos and confusion, Yoda follows his instincts to a dark hanger where Count Dooku has injured Obi-Wan and Anakin. Yoda and Dooku battle to a stalemate, but Yoda senses the the cloud of the dark side has grown stronger. Includes an exclusive hologram figure.