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Punisher (Marvel Legends, Nemesis series, variant) - Reviews

Punisher (Marvel Legends, Nemesis series, variant)

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punisher-nemesis-variant-t.jpg Punisher (Marvel Legends, Nemesis series, variant) : 653569293491 Price: $44.99
Even the most vicious criminals have nightmares. Not that they'd ever admit it, but Frank Castle is the one bad dream they all share. There's not a made man in New York that hasn't spent at least one night plagued by visions of a black-clad silhouette, shrouded in the smoke of a burning building. That white skull resolves from the smoky background, and Castle's thin-lipped, square-jawed face moves towards them, lit from above by avenging flame. He is a man lost in a war fought alone, a man for whom justice and peace mean less than nothing while one criminal remains in the world. He is a man who has worked for years to be the dark figure that bears down in every scumbag's worst nightmares.

Includes the left arm of Nemesis. 6" tall.