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Cobra Viper Pit 6-Pack

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cobraviperpit6pack-t.jpg Cobra Viper Pit 6-Pack : 653569184980 Price: $84.99
The Cobra Viper Pit is a dark, cavernous area buried three levels below ground and simmering with bad attitudes, big egos and twitchy trigger fingers. Part barracks, part military facility, and part home-for-the-chronically-hostile, the Cobra Viper Pit is where Cobra Viper troopers are trained to battle. Heated discussions about who is the greatest Cobra Viper constantly fill the air, but all talk ceases when the battle alarm sounds: that means it's time for another one-on-one with the GI Joe team!

Includes 6 Cobra Viper Infantrymen with accessories. 3.75" scale.