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Doctor Octopus (Marvel Legends Unleashed)

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8inchdoctoroctopus-ml-unleashed-t.jpg Doctor Octopus (Marvel Legends Unleashed) : 653569303220 Price: $84.99
Despite a lifetime of sensational scientific achievement, Dr. Otto Octavius was never satisfied. His brilliance manifested as arrogance, and his arrogance led to the accident that fused a set of cybernetic tentacles to his body, and twisted his mind to evil. Opposed by Spider-Man from the very beginning, he grew ever more obsessed with the young hero's destruction. With all of his considerable brilliance applied to the illicit acquisition of wealth, and the annihilation of his arch-nemesis, Doctor Octopus remains one of the wall-crawler's most dangerous enemies.

Collectible, Doctor Octopus figure is the ultimate in poseable detail. Bring the notorious villain to "life" with 30 points of articulation. Use the figure's interlocking base to connect to other Marvel Legends Unleashed figures (each sold separately) and reconstruct some of the most epic battles from your favorite comics. 8" tall.