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Geonosian Starfighter with Exclusive Pilot Figure - Reviews

Geonosian Starfighter with Exclusive Pilot Figure

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geonosianstarfighter(t).jpg Geonosian Starfighter with Exclusive Pilot Figure : 076930849767 Price: $199.99
A lean, needle-nosed fighter-craft with a distinct alien heritage, the starfighters of the Geonosians are small, compact vessels of great speed and superior agility. A single Geonosian pilot sits within the cramped cockpit and peers out of a bubble canopy that allows a 360-degree field of vision. Cradled within the forward needles of the ship is a turret-mounted laser cannon. During the Clone Wars, the fighters were modified to increase their firepower, by adding two proton torpedoes on the side launchers. Includes 3.75" tall Geonosian Pilot action figure with life support mask.