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Multiple Man (Marvel Universe, series 2, 028)

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multipleman-028-t.jpg Multiple Man (Marvel Universe, series 2, 028) : 653569510086 Price: $29.99
Jamie Madrox was born with an incredible power - one he could have used for great good. Instead, he fell under the influence of the mutant terrorist Magneto, and became one of the foremost fighters for the Brotherhood of Mutants. His duplicates served as foot soldiers for the various plots hatched by Magneto over the years. In the end, he was the mutant who executed the most devastating parts of the Ultimatum attacks.

Intricately detailed down to the last muscle, this articulated Multiple Man action figure is ready to fight! Send him into combat to fight for the fate of the world or leave him posed for action on his stand as a warning against would-be heroes everywhere. The battle is just beginning and the power is in your palm of your hands!

Figure comes with a classified file with a secret code.