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Speeder Bike with Plo Koon

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speederbikewithplokoon-t.jpg Speeder Bike with Plo Koon Price: $54.99
Plo Koon rides a speeder bike into battle against the forces of the Separatist Droid Army. This stern and imposing Jedi sits on the High Council and comes from a long line of Jedi who have all been strong in the Force. His customized speeder has additional weapons to create a swift, maneuverable and heavily armed vehicle for intense combat situations.

Get ready for battles of epic proportions with this awesome articulated Plo Koon action figure and his fast moving Speeder Bike vehicle! Place your figure on his vehicle, retract the landing gear, rotate the "exhaust" flaps and help him speed into action with his lightsaber accessory drawn. The vehicle's firing missile launcher accessory will show his enemies exactly how serious this battle will be. Even when they're just standing at attention in your collection, this fearsome fighter and his vehicle are sure to inspire all kinds of out of this world adventures!

Vehicle and 3.75" scale figure come with firing missile launcher accessory, lightsaber accessory, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and game die.