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The Final Showdown (Hal Jordan vs. Parallax)

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haljordanvsparallax-t.jpg The Final Showdown (Hal Jordan vs. Parallax) : 027084983104 Price: $46.99 On Sale! $34.99
Parallax is the monstrous entity of pure yellow energy - the color of fear. Fueled by the fear of its prey throughout the universe, Parallax reaches Earth ready to conquer another unsuspecting planet. Hal Jordan stands strong, and with the help of his fellow Green Lanterns, creates a massive cage construct to hold off the monster. But Parallax will not be contained. with unmatched power, it breaks free from the cage and continues its onslaught.

Will Hal Jordan be able to protect his family and planet from Parallax's path of destruction? Or will Hal's will be broken, enabling the power of fear to prevail?

16" long Parallax rolls with moving tentacles and features claw attack.

Includes an exclusive 4" Hal Jordan with bladed construct arm.