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12" Firefly (G.I. Joe vs. Cobra) - Reviews

12" Firefly (G.I. Joe vs. Cobra)

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12inchfirefly(t).jpg 12" Firefly (G.I. Joe vs. Cobra) : 076930811412 Price: $59.99
Firefly has a long history with Cobra, going back to when the evil organization first began causing trouble. An expert in mountain climbing, he uses his skills to break into places that are supposed to be out of reach. He can scale a cliff or building as easy as a fly walking up a wall. He has highly developed reflexes and expertise in hand-to-hand martial arts combat, as well as being an expert with various weaponry and explosives. Cobra likes to use him when a single saboteur is needed to quietly break into a secured location and cause some trouble. Firefly isn't a guy who works well with others. In fact, no one knows what he looks like; he's known only by his work. He is out to get the GI Joe Team in particular because they have ruined some of his best operations. "I make my own way to get the job done." Includes figure, 2 knee suction cups, 1 hand suction cup, shorts, shoes, balaclava, rope with grappling hook, chest harness, night goggles, gun and bomb with suction cup.