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Stark Tech Assault Armor Captain America (Avengers) - Reviews

Stark Tech Assault Armor Captain America (Avengers)

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starktechassaultarmor-captainamerica-t.jpg Stark Tech Assault Armor Captain America (Avengers) : 653569726623 Price: $79.99
"When an AVENGERS mission looks like it might be too dangerous to accomplish without a little extra protection, CAPTAIN AMERICA suits up in his STARK TECH ASSAULT ARMOR. It enhances his incredible combat skills with a collection of the world's most powerful weapons, making the Super Soldier an unstoppable fighting force! Villains might as well skip town you're your CAPTAIN AMERICA figure is in his STARK TECH ASSAULT ARMOR! This detailed figure looks just like the patriotic hero you already know. But he's got something other figures don't have - a suit of STARK TECH ASSAULT ARMOR that makes him practically invincible! The armor's hatch opens so you can fit your CAPTAIN AMERICA figure inside. Snap on the shoulder and arm blasters, and you'll have the ultimate enemy of evildoers everywhere! 4"" figure comes with armor and accessories."