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Savage Dragon (Legendary Comic Book Heroes, no shirt) - Reviews

Savage Dragon (Legendary Comic Book Heroes, no shirt)

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savagedragon-noshirt-t.jpg Savage Dragon (Legendary Comic Book Heroes, no shirt) : 883199950055 Price: $49.99 On Sale! $24.99
Dragon was found by Lieutenant Fred Darling in a burning lot in Chicago, with no memory of his past. Darling was taken by Dragon and offered his friendship. He knew Dragon's superhuman strength, bullet-proof skin and ability to regenerate would help combat Chicago's criminal gang, Vicious Circle. He attempted to recruit the Dragon into the police force, but he declined. When the Vicious Circle attempted to extort money from Lt. Darling, Dragon leaped into action and easily defeated the gang's thugs. When Fred lost his life in an explosion at the scene, Dragon decided to reconsider the offer to join the police force. He stepped into the role of the city's premiere hero, pitting himself against the Vicious Circle and all other criminal threats, while he searches for details of his past.

Includes the "left leg" of Pitt.