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sallah-t.jpg Sallah Price: $24.99
As one of Indiana Jones’ most loyal and kind-hearted friends, Sallah disguises himself as a German-paid digger, risking his life to help Indy locate the Well of Souls before their enemies. With the help of a small group of diggers, Indy and Sallah enter the Well of Souls, negotiate a chamber full of deadly snakes, and ultimately unearth the Ark of the Covenant.

Add to the adventure – and your collection! – with this friendly figure! Dressed as a digger in a simple robe and head wrap with his trusty shovel, this posable figure also carries a torch to help his friend, Indy, find his way to the Lost Ark! Team up with Indy and discover all kinds of secret locations – and uncover a top-secret hidden relic too! Recreate exciting and memorable scenes from the classic Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Figure comes with a torch, shovel and hidden relic accessories.