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12" Duke (G.I. Joe vs. Cobra) - Reviews

12" Duke (G.I. Joe vs. Cobra)

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12inchduke(gijoevscobra)t.jpg 12" Duke (G.I. Joe vs. Cobra) : 076930811429 Price: $69.99
Duke is a natural leader, and nobody knows that more than the soldiers he commands. Trained as an Airborne Infantryman, Duke served in Southeast Asia with the Army's Special Forces Unit, where he earned numerous medals for his selfless heroism, including the Congressional Medal of Honor. He passed up an officer's commission when he was given the opportunity to handpick the best of the best to form the core of the GI Joe team. He believes in leading by example, which is why he's always alongside his troops in the thick of battle. Duke does not let his feelings come before the mission's goals -- but he does take the battle against Cobra Commander personally. "I'm out to stop the guy at the top of Cobra because in the end, he is responsible for all the evil done by his forces." Includes figure, attached missile launcher, boots, helmet, pistol, blast shield, chest plate and missile.