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Iron Man (Juggernaut Upgrade)

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ironman-juggernautupgrade-t.jpg Iron Man (Juggernaut Upgrade) Price: $27.99 On Sale! $19.99
"When the unstoppable JUGGERNAUT meets the invincible IRON MAN, the result is bound to be explosive! Luckily, the armored hero is ready for the super powerful villain, with armor upgrades built specifically to stop the charging menace in his tracks.

Take on even the toughest bad guys with this awesome “metal-clad” warrior! Featuring armor accessories that slide into place when you’re ready for the battle to begin, this Armor Tech Iron Man figure is a fierce opponent. Activate his triple missile launcher accessory to put bad guys on alert: you and your Iron Man figure aren’t afraid to take on anyone!

Figure comes with triple missile launcher accessory."