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Clone Attack on Coruscant Battle 5-Pack - Reviews

Clone Attack on Coruscant Battle 5-Pack

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cloneattackoncoruscantbattle5pack(t).jpg Clone Attack on Coruscant Battle 5-Pack : 653569117865 Price: $84.99
"These clone troopers spring into battle as a massive droid army swarms upon Coruscant. As members of the Republic's mighty army corps, these clone troopers exit their gunships and engage the enemy in close-quarter combat, showing no inclinations of fear, hesitation or remorese. Their commander takes charge and orders the troopers to protect their designated areas at all costs. Using their blaster rifles and pistols, these troopers take down droid after droid...until the secret declaration of Order 66. Now, these once loyal members of the Republic Army will change allegiances and serve a new master. Includes blaster rifles and pistols and features quick-draw attack.

3.75"" tall."