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The Flash & Blue Beetle 2-Pack

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theflashandbluebeetle-t.jpg The Flash & Blue Beetle 2-Pack Price: $29.99
"The Flash
His name is Wally West, and he is The Flash - The Fastest Man Alive. But before he was The Flash, Wally was Kid Flash, junior partner to his uncle, Barry Allen who was then himself, The Flash. After Barry gave his life to save the universe, Wally took over the role of The Flash. Now, armed with the knowledge of the Speed Force, the mysterious source of his incredible powers, The Flash has reached speeds never before achieved by any hero.

Blue Beetle
On the surface, it might appear that carefree inventor Ted Kord only fights crime for the thrill of it all. In fact, he takes the quest for justice seriously - even if he usually goes into battle with a smile on his face. While he has no super powers, the Blue Beetle is an immensely talented inventor. He created a stealth vehicle called the Bug, which is packed with weaponry and can carry several heroes.

The Atom
As the world's tiniest hero, The Atom has some truly amazing powers at his disposal. He can alter both his size and mass with no more than a thought. And, as Ray Palmer, he is among the world's greatest physicists. As a college student, Ray Palmer harnessed a fragment of a white dwarf star, which gave him his unique powers. Since then, he has battled for justice as a member of the Justice League of America."