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12" Sand Scorpion (Valor vs Venom) - Reviews

12" Sand Scorpion (Valor vs Venom)

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12inchsandscorpion-vvv-t.jpg 12" Sand Scorpion (Valor vs Venom) : 076930554630 Price: $49.99 On Sale! $44.99
Dr. Mindbender combined human and scorpion DNA to create the Sand Scorpion troopers. A Sand Scorpion trooper can crush someone in his claws and sting them with his venom-filled tail. After leaving the doctor's lab, a Sand Scorpion discovers that the man he was just speaking with was not the real Dr. Mindbender, but was instead an impostor - Agent Faces in disguise! The Sand Scorpion trooper races after the intruder to capture him before he can escape from the Cobra base!

Includes figure, claws, leg armor, boots, chest armor and scorpion tail.