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Batman Golden Age (DC Universe, Legacy Edition) - Reviews

Batman Golden Age (DC Universe, Legacy Edition)

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batman-goldenage-dcu-le-t.jpg Batman Golden Age (DC Universe, Legacy Edition) : 746775034160 Price: $59.99
After witnessing the disturbing murder of his parents by a common street thug, young Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to fighting crime and bringing justice to the criminals of his city. Thanks to his limitless wealth and resources as billionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman has an array of weapons and gadgets at his disposal, making him at once the World's Greatest Detective and Gotham City's premier crime-fighter. His unparalleled combat skills and foreboding cape and cowl fill the villains of Gotham with fear and terror - knowing that every crime demands justice and retribution.

6.5" tall Batman includes display base and an exclusive comic book poster.